Building regulations approval and LABC

If you're a homeowner and planning an extension, loft conversion or garage conversion, you may need to apply for building regulations approval as well as planning permission; this is quick and easy and details on how to apply are further down the page.

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Why do you need building regulations approval?

Whereas planning permission is about how a building looks, building regulations make sure your home is structurally sound, resistant to fire, safe, energy efficient and offers a healthy environment.

Who are LABC and how can they help you?

LABC is a national organisation representing all Local Authority Building Control Teams across England and Wales and our surveyors are experienced, local to you and waiting for your call.

And as well as enforcing the building regulations that help protect you and your family, our surveyors offer impartial advice and competitive fees because we’re a not-for-profit service.

Save time, save money and gain peace of mind

  1. We look at architects’, builders’ and other trades people’s plans to help iron out issues and suggest time and money-saving alternatives before construction begins.
  2. Our building regulations checks are sensible and practical and focus on things like fire protection to ensure everyone sleeping - young, old, or less mobile - have sufficient time and means of escape.  
  3. We’ll also advise on things like energy-related issues, for example, over-heating during hot summer days and ‘cold spots’ that can create condensation and black mould spots.
  4. We make regular visits to check with the builders that everything is as expected and that the construction is proceeding as planned.
  5. What gets uncovered during construction may not be exactly what was expected, so our friendly surveyors can help guide you through it.  

Make your own building regulations application

Usually home extensions, loft conversions or garage conversions will need a building control application (read Do I need a building regulations application? if in doubt).

Make your application by contacting your local council’s building control team or completing the form online at the Planning Portal.